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Your Library is a Window on the World

The present library – dedicated in 1956 – has served the New Lisbon area well for 60 years. But time and heavy use have taken their toll. Interior space cannot accommodate today’s needs. Only part of the book collections can be displayed at any given time. More room is urgently needed for computer terminals. Valuable collections of historical artifacts and historical archives cannot be adequately displayed or accessed. Electrical and plumbing fixtures are woefully outdated and inadequate. These urgent needs simply must be addressed.

The library’s location – near the elementary school – is a good one, given that classes regularly visit the library as part of their curriculum. Parents also rely on the library as “safe harbor” for their children during after school hours. The improvements plan is intended to highlight these site strengths, emphasizing the library’s essential role as focal point of the community.

Libraries receive an ‘A’ grade from the public.
Six out of ten respondents “strongly agree” that public libraries are essential for “maintaining a productive community.”

Libraries aren’t “going out of style” in the Internet age.
More than two-thirds of Americans surveyed say that having enough computers and online services should be a high priority for libraries, and that other multi-media resources are critical.

Nearly three-quarters of voters have a library card. 
These are citizens who volunteer and who donate to charities.

The community library offers a safe and wholesome place for youth; provides literacy skills for a stronger workforce, acts as a community information center, and provides greater access to technology.

Businesses rely on their community library
as a resource for employee development.