Library Expansion Model Video

Imagine the new experiences

• The present structure itself is sound. It will get modern plumbing and wiring, brighter low-energy overhead lighting, modern energy-saving windows, more exterior insulation, and roofing upgrades.

• An addition will be built in the two adjacent vacant lots. It will include a lower level to address current archival and storage needs, as well as provide for future programming. The addition’s main floor will address critical space needs, including:

– A total of nine computer terminals.

– A small-group study room.

– Increased space for displaying books, periodicals and multimedia.

– Spaces dedicated to young adults, for gathering, study and reading.

– Expanded space for the children’s collection and programming.

– A multi-function Community Room with kitchenette.

• A History Gallery for prominent display of the widely-acclaimed Mortensen Collection of Native American Artifacts and other materials of historical importance.

• An Archives Room for genealogical research, as well as sustainable storage for fragile and light-sensitive archives – documents, photos and other materials of crucial historical importance to this area.

• Large, modern restrooms that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

• Improvements to the circulation desk, as well as adequate work areas for staff and volunteers.

• Twenty-one off-street parking spaces that will be well-lit and adjacent to the main entrance.