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Walker Foundation Makes Additional Contribution-Juneau County Star Times

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Loren and Helen Walker Foundation contributed an additional $136,000 to the library’s expansion project. Pictured are Dawn Nicksic, librarian Deanna Rosier, Helen Walker, Lori Walker and Dann Walker

New Lisbon’s Memorial Library is excited to announce that the Loren and Helen Walker Foundation are contributing an additional $136,000 to the library’s expansion project. This brings their total donation up to $250,000!

The Walker Foundation Board decided to make this additional gift because they recognize that the library is a cornerstone of the community and in order to meet the community’s needs it must be brought up to contemporary standards. The library hasn’t been renovated or expanded since it was built in 1956.

 Loren and Helen Walker, long-time philanthropists, have supported various community projects and organizations over the years. “When it comes to a project like this,” said Dann Walker, foundation board member, “everyone must do what they can to support it—big or small. What better project than our library?”

Bids for the library expansion will go out in January and February 2018. Ground breaking will occur in the spring.

The Friends of the New Lisbon Memorial Library’s fundraising effort is close to its $2 million goal. “We hope the community continues their support so we can reach this goal by January 2018,” said fundraising co-chair, Tim Hinton MD.

People considering a donation to this very worthy cause are encouraged to make it now. “Even if you’ve made a donation in the past,” continued Hinton, “we hope you will consider another donation now.” Donations to the Library Building Fund are being accepted at the Bank of Mauston and the Royal Bank—both in New Lisbon—as well as at New Lisbon’s Memorial Library.

It is only with the kindness and generosity of donors that this valuable community project can be realized.



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